in Miskolc-Lillafred, October 8-12, 2018. Hungary

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SESSION 13: Interface as a Functional Material – Behavior, Function and Application

Symposium Polymer derived ceramics

Interface is known to play an important role in material property and durability in practical use but has been recognized just a part of bulk material such as surface and grain boundary in bulk. Behavior of interface comprises mechanical, electrical, magnetic and optical functions. Function of mechanical behavior of interface can be summarized to joining of different materials in particularly at low temperature and intrinsic defects introduced in the process of joining. Electrical behavior of interface can be simply explained in terms of electric current control such as ohmic or rectification contact based on band management at the interface. Magnetic properties of interface can be explained by taking an exchange interaction force by spin alignment into consideration. Retardation plate by birefringence for polarized light in obliquely deposited thin film is a typical example of optical function of interface. Polarizing and retardation films are widely used in flat-panel display such as LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) for television, mobile phone and tablet-type devices. Based on the above we can conclude that interface may be understood as a functional material with four essential functions.


This session will provide an open forum for researchers and engineers from around the world to discuss recent achievements and advances in research, development and application of interface materials, technologies, applications and properties.




Session Chair


Prof. Yasunori TAGA

Thin Film Research Center, CHUBU UNIVERSITY

Kasugai Aichi, Japan

E-mail: y-taga@isc.chubu.ac.jp



Proposed Session Topics


All topics related to interface materials and technologies and their physical, chemical, morphological properties and their measurements are welcome in this session!

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